Solid Power Thornton (SP2): The Backbone to Automotive Qualification
Facility Updates

Solid Power Thornton (SP2): The Backbone to Automotive Qualification

Author: Solid Power Admin
Date Posted: 10.20.22

Occupancy is imminent in Solid Power's new facility

In September 2021, Solid Power announced plans to expand our solid-state battery material production capacity. Our second Denver-area facility – Solid Power Thornton or “SP2” – will quadruple our production footprint and is expected to play a key role in enabling Solid Power to progress through the initial stages of automotive qualification.

Once fully operational, this new facility is expected to give Solid Power the capability to increase electrolyte production capacity to 2,500 kg/month, or 30 metric tons per year, which is key to producing the increased number of cells required for the automotive qualification process. The facility will also house new R&D labs, a large cell testing facility and serve as a new workplace for the company’s growing workforce.

With over a year of investment, we’re excited to share the first public look at our progress so far.

Sulfide Electrolyte Manufacturing

Sulfide electrolyte manufacturing is SP2’s main purpose. We prioritized this infrastructure early in the facility’s build-out due to its importance in enabling us to achieve our long-term goals.

Electrolyte Manufacturing structure construction, March 2022

Solid Power’s team has done a great job mitigating short-term supply chain challenges. We continue to install the necessary equipment to enable us to produce increased quantities of electrolyte material. We expect this facility will be producing electrolyte beginning in Q1 of 2023.

Electrolyte Manufacturing infrastructure completed, July 2022

Cell Testing Capabilities

Due to the size of the facility, Solid Power will also be able to house the majority of our cell testing equipment in Thornton. The fact that the facility is just minutes from our pre-pilot and EV cell pilot lines made this a convenient choice.

Because we expect increased cell testing needs for our future EV-scale cells, we built a large area specific to testing that is much larger than at the current HQ.

Cell Testing infrastructure construction, March 2022

We are very excited to see the progress on this key piece of infrastructure. Cells are currently being transported here from our Louisville HQ where they will find a home in one of the many test chambers that are installed.

Cell Testing equipment installed, October 2022

R&D Facilities

We are also equipping SP2 with two new and improved R&D laboratories.

R&D Facility construction, July 2022

Solid Power is now receiving shipments of brand-new glove boxes and other analytical equipment for both materials and cells. We expect these laboratories to be operational shortly.

R&D Facility glove box installation, October 2022

Occupancy Imminent

The team is moving quickly to finish construction of the facility. We expect the first group of Solid Power employees to begin working from our new office space starting on Oct. 31st.

Solid Power expects to continue to transition employees to the new facility in waves until construction is completed. We all look forward to a bright future developing solid-state battery technology from beautiful Thornton, Colorado.

Solid Power Thornton lobby, October 2022